25 augustus: de pruimenroute

Rohnny once saw prumpies hanging, 
oh as chickeneggs so groat, 
't seemed that Rohnny would go plucking, 
while his father 't him forboat. 

"When I will be very clever, 
then my father sees it not, 
on his tree full of prumpies, 
he does not have it in the mot." 

So he clautered in the prumetree, 
stach his pockets full of fruits, 
but he mistrapped on a tacky 
and falled down, flack on his cl**** 

All the prumpies were in spice now, 
and the spice ran out of his brook, 
it dripped softly in his coassies, 
Rohnny did not darf to look. 

And again he was not lucky, 
cause his father came there oan, 
and he gave him such a ramling, 
he could fourteen days not goan. 

That's how ends the silly story, 
of little Rohnny the prumenthief, 
even with a lot of goesting, 
he didn't do it more upniefth.... 

 Vlaams-Haspengouwse spreuk:

" Waar men gaat langs pruimse wegen,
komt men toffe peren tegen. "

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