Zondag 28 januari: Silent film concert


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 " Behind me I cast all my scares "
op zondag 28 januari om 19uin AB Theater
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Op zondag 28 januari 2024 gaan we naar

◊ 'Behind me I cast all my scares'
◊ 7 short films with a live band & original composed music
◊ Info & Tickets: https://bit.ly/CinemaximiliaanAB
Cinemaximiliaan is a platform with and by newcomers in Belgium. The initiative started in an improvised camp at the Maximiliaan Park in Brussels with daily film screenings. Cinemaximiliaan quickly grew by the commitment of a vast network of volunteers, amongst them many newcomers.
This new production is also supported by many Cinemaximiliaan members. 7 international directors, under script guidance from Jaco Van Dormael and Sulaiman Addonia, created their own interpretations on the theme of Solitude, and then filmed their stories in a variety of ways. On top of the thematic thread, all the films are bound by their formal approach. Always in 4:3, black-and-white and without dialogue, but always with a unique and idiosyncratic elaboration. These 7 silent films formed the basis for the Brussels-based musical twosome Simon Ho (Switzerland) and Hannibal Saad (Lebanon, US) who composed unique musical interpretations together with a diverse musical team. Western and Eastern instruments, sounds and voices meet take the audience on a journey where cinematography and music intertwine for an hour on stage to create an experience like in the early days of silent cinema.


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