Mimesis in Brussel, Subotica & Palic 


                                Goran Vuletic


Studio Medijala is een kunstenaarscollectief uit Servië voortgedreven door de bezielende en artistieke energie van Goran Vuletic. In Subotica in Servië vindt elk jaar een Internationaal filmfestival plaats ook aan de rand van het nabijgelegen meer in Palic. In 2008 was HoedGekruid vzw ter plaatse. Op het programma van dat Internationaal Filmfestival stond toen o.a. De Belgische kortfilm MOMPELAAR ('BRBLJIVAC' in het Servo-Kroatisch) geprogrammeerd (21 juli 2008, om 21.30 uur). HoedGekruid ontmoette aan het meer van Palic de mensen van Studio Medijala. Vandaag houdt HoedGekruid vzw nog steeds contact met Studio Medijala. Het beeld van de Noah-Mimesis boot van Studio Medijala werd in 2009 gebruikt door vzw HoedGekruid tijdens het event dichtHAHA.

Vandaag, anno 2010, ontving de vzw HoedGekruid onderstaande brief als reactie op de vraag tot samenwerking in Brussel met Studio Medijala in 2011. In de brief legden we enkele linken. Gewoon klikken op de trefwoorden in rode kleur in de brief en je krijgt een beeld in pdf-vorm.

Onderaan deze pagina vind je 50 foto's verdeeld over 3 pagina's met beelden en foto's van Subotica en Palic én De Ark MIMESIS.

Hieronder vind je de brief die Studio Medijala ons schreef: 

I must admit we are still (pleasantly) confused with your idea to come to Brussels. Somehow it doesn`t even matter if we succeed, the point is that somebody likes what we have done. The main idea of the workshop was to gather young people who are creative and who could not accept the ethno-political reality in our city. As an anthropologist I know that we are very peculiar because most of our members have a multiethnic background due to decades of intermarriage. So they feel quite uneasy with putting people in ethnic boxes. We have decided to overwhelm this situation with artistic actions. Our first action was the exbibition "About Dragons and People" when we made huge wire dragons and open the exhibition on the 24th of March when the bombing started in 1999. In that way we tried to overcome the trauma of being a target although we felt innocent. Later we made a serial of mosaics following the idea of the great artist Hundertwasser who believed in making urban environment artistic and unique and more human. For that reason he used a lot of mosaics. Then we made a Noah`s Ark with a performance where movie characters tried to escape Doom Day by sneaking to the Ark. The next big performance was a humorous evoking of Belle Epoque in Subotica, when our city was developing and following the pattern of European cities. Our policy is always to emphasize universal and not particular interests but without up-to-date ideology. Than we changed the "skin" oh the Ark to green after the ecologic disaster in lake Palic with a short musical performance about the battle between "greenies" and "blackies". Our new project is to construct an open tram wagon in art nouveau style (Subotica is mostly built in that style) and have it like a beautiful lumino object similar to Noah`s Ark, because we consider the tram a symbol of urbanization, good for environment and a common wealth of all the citizens. Unfortunatelly this year we didn`t get any financial support due to global crisis, although we are used to make projects with lower than low budgets. In the meantime we have children and young people painting in the workshop, especially in summer when we use our big garden. For years we had a rock band practicing in the workshop. You can see one of their songs on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbXGG02_ELU

In the meantime we organized a team for shadow puppet theatre and had a few performances with youngsters and children. There are a few classical musicians in our team who play violins and piano and we had a performance Baroque Picanterias where we had our artists dressed in baroque style and serving chocolate and wine. We tried to show that concerts of classical music doesn`t have to be so rigid and boring. So this is the short profile of Medijala workshop. And of course the Slancik lamps (you are a fan of them) are also part of this story. I won`t bother you anymore. Please write me something, what was your initial idea about presenting Medijala. All the best from Subotica, and by the way we finally have a little snow around here. It is annoying but makes the city brighter and less depressive.

In this video clip you can see the atmosphere in Medijala during the practicing of the band Pionir 10. In the 50m2 workshop we sometimes had more than 20 people enjoying music and having fun. It was always difficult to keep up that spirit because everything was on volunteering level.

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