18/10/2011 tem 28/10/2011: Literaire Ark

Armenian Public Organization of Cultural Cooperatin with foreign countries hosts

 Literary ark 2011

 Eleven years ago, in the summer of 2000, an exceptionally important European porject was launched by the initiative of the German Literatuurwerstatt organization (http://www.literarturwerkstatt.org).
The "literaturexpress 2000" that was originated by the efforts of this organisation and its internatinoal partners presented in itself an idea charged with positive energy; for the benefit of the approximation of the European common cultural space and the national literatures, writers from different nations, including Leon Khechoyan, Davit Luradyan and Translator Davit Matevosyan, getting together witin this initiative, travelled through 13 European countries and wrote essaysn-, trvael notes, poetic cycles and books on this trip.

The concept, initiative abd implementatin of the next step belonged tot the Armenian Public Organizatin of Cultural Cooperation with Foreign Countries (AOKS). The Armenia-base "Literary ARk 2001" was somewhat more local, small-scale project, also designed to bring literatures and literarture creators closer; it resulted in publication of a book compiled from the works created by the European authors participating in this project.

Then years have passed since the "literary Ark 2001" ; today we are happy to announce the holding of the new "literary ark 2011: ten years after " program. Being dedicated to Literature and Book, this program is launched on the eve of 2012, a year that has a doubled literary significance for our people. In 2012 we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Armenian printin, and Unesco has declarede the city of Yerevan the "World Book Capital" for the year 2012.

The "Literary Ark 2011": ten years after" program to be held on October 19 to 28, 2011 has brought over to Armenia the writers representing the European literary diversity - for them to see the land of Armenia carrying on its centennial perseverance on the border of Asia and Europe, to learn more about its people, traditions and culture, their present life, as well as discuss the issues related to modern literature and culture. 

An upcoming publication of an anthology is envisaged, wherein the program participants will present their insights and impressions in the genre of theri preference, as well as the launch of the "Literary Ark" program website.

We are happy to host you in our country and wish to assure you that Armenia is just amazing as the word, line and rhyme born in your mind at the time of inspiration.

RA Minister of Culture



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